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The Topgrading Snapshot solves three of the biggest problems in hiring:
  1. Candidates who "fudge" the truth
  2. Excessive time consumed sorting through resumes
  3. Interviewing weak candidates
When candidates email you their resume, you use the Topgrading Snapshot system to send them a pre-formatted email inviting them to fill out what looks like a standard application form - but this form is unique. It’s the Topgrading® Career History Form, which turbo-boosts the screening process because it asks for full compensation history, boss ratings, true reasons for leaving jobs, likes and dislikes in jobs, a self-appraisal, and many more revealing questions.  Best of all,  it contains a “truth serum,” a clear statement in the instructions that candidates may be asked, as a final step before a job offer, to arrange personal reference calls with former bosses.  After studying just a few Topgrading Snapshots, you can literally zoom through them and in seconds decide if you want to proceed with the candidate.

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We wish you great success as your company grows by employing the "A Players" that the Topgrading Snapshot helps you discover.  If you have any questions, please contact us at (847) 244-5544.
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